We wanted to take a second and cement our positions on the recent protests and the movement for equality for black people in America. This movement is as old as the first enslaved Africans forcefully brought to the shores of a foreign land. We, the founders of this site, know all too well the plight of black people in America because we are both black men raised in the American south. So this goes beyond performative gestures. This is also OUR lives that protestors are pleading officials to acknowledge as being threatened daily.

We are a new game news site, so we missed the hype train that a lot of other publications were able to ride the coattails of, but we want to make it abundantly clear: BLACK LIVES DO MATTER and we stand with the protestors and the donators of this righteous cause.


Below are links of organizations that you should donate to:

Color of Change

Showing Up For Justice

Highlander Research & Education

Life Comes From It

Spirit House Inc

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