Young Horses, best known for their zany cephalopod/parenting simulator ‘Octodad,’ is bringing another curious concoction to the PlayStation 5 this holiday season.


Their newest title, ‘Bugsnax,’ is a first-person adventure wherein players fill the role of a journalist that has just received an invitation to Snaktooth Island. Disgraced explorer Elizabert Megafig has made the discovery of a strange new creature there, dubbed bugsnax. Among these creatures, players can expect to grow their own bugsnax collection, feed ‘grumpuses,’ and sleuth out the answers to old mysteries.

Young Horses previous title Octodad took advantage of most of the DualShock 4’s functionality in allowing players to control the titular cephalopod. The developers claim that Bugsnax will see even more intensive use of the DualSense 5. Players can expect to feel vibrations change to mimic the terrain underfoot, triggers to resist and tense as traps snap shut, and for audio cues to play through the controller’s speakers.

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