Deathloop serves as the newest release by the talent at Arkane Studios. Arkane Studios has brought the public titles such as Dishonored and 2017’s Prey. Deathloop seems to live up to the studio’s pedigree for innovative gameplay and engaging stories; their newest game functions as a macabre, violent Groundhog Day.

Deathloop sees the player assume the role of Colt, a man trapped on an island, in a time-loop, where he is forced to serve as prey to a host of deranged partygoers. To successfully free himself, Colt must kill the eight people responsible for maintaining the anomaly in time. These eight people must be eliminated within a single day, meaning that players will likely encounter frequent failures before seeing the game through to its conclusion – this also highlights the potential for varied styles of gameplay and branching mission paths.

deathloop (1)

Arkane hopes to blur the line between singleplayer and multiplayer with their inclusion of Julianna, a rival assassin whose sole goal is to see the protagonist dead. The role of Julianna can be filled by either the computer or another active player, which forces the protagonist into a high-tension, high-risk game of cat and mouse. As an aside, the multiplayer feature can be disabled should players hope to enjoy an exclusively singleplayer experience. Despite that option, Arkane hopes that players will experience this addition as it was intended – a hybrid of appearances by opposing players and artificial intelligence that allows Julianna’s erratic and chaotic moveset to be fully experienced.


Deathloop will be seeing a console exclusive launch on the PlayStation 5, and promises to make use of the next generation’s powerful new technology.

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