Superbrothers, the team behind the beautifully crafted Sword & Sorcery, are teaming up with developer Pine Scented and composer Scntfc to bring players on a cinematic, interstellar trip.

Jett: The Far Shore sees players seeking out sanctuary amongst the stars. Its story tasks protagonist Mei with locating a ‘mythic ocean planet’ as a refuge for her endangered people.

Jett’s developers promise a linear narrative occupying a sizeable open-world – the world will feature plenty of additional content after the credits have rolled, if players are willing to stick around.


Superbrothers have placed a heavy emphasis on the audio landscaping and haptic feedback. The developers have cited the PlayStation 5’s 3D audio processing as ‘revelatory,’ and state that the new technology provides players with an ‘unprecedented fidelity […] for perceiving audio spaces.’

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