The Pathless is an exciting new title from developers Giant Squid, the team behind oceanic exploration game ‘Abzu.’  Giant Squid’s newest release continues the team’s core focus on art and atmosphere, but adds in an exciting combative element to the mix.


Giant Squid refers to their newest title as a ‘mythic’ adventure in which players assume the role of a skilled archer exploring a cursed island alongside their eagle companion. The hunter can roam the world through a versatile range of acrobatics while pursuing prey, uncovering ruins, and bonding with their eagle.

Though they refrained from elaborating further, Giant Squid promises that players will be able to easily align trickshots despite the focus on agile movement and without the reliance on a ‘slomo’ camera. We are excited to see what this talented team releases and will keep you updated.

It was announced during Sony’s PS5 reveal event that The Pathless will be making its way to both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 consoles, and will see several enhancements on the PlayStation 5. Among the enhancements players can expect to see is a seamless open world, integration of the PlayStation 5’s native 3D audio technology, and the integration of enhanced haptic feedback provided by the DualSense 5 controller.

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