Nintendo announced their newest Pokemon spin-off today, Pokemon Unite!
Pokemon Unite is the Pokemon Team’s take on the classic MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) formula.
In Pokemon Unite, players will fight in teams of two, with each team boasting five pokemon. Nintendo promises strategic depth of gameplay, while also remaining accessible for newcomers and casual fans of the franchise.

The map of the game is divided into five separate goals that players must enter into in an effort to earn more points than their opponents in a match’s allotted time. Players will start each match at level one, and can level up by defeating wild pokemon that populate the map – by leveling up, players can learn new moves and even evolve into new forms. Players will have agency over which techniques they learn and can focus on close-range or long-range abilities. The game’s developers claim that the same Pokemon can function in different fashions depending on which attacks a player chooses to learn. Players can only hold four attacks at a time, as per the limits of the main franchise. Pokemon Unite features special ‘unite’ moves can that be learned at higher levels; countering unite moves will play into the game’s meta.

Team-work is cited as being necessary to defeat opponents; this is nothing new for MOBAs, but does indicate a particularly competitive new venture for the Pokemon franchise. Pokemon Unite will be ‘free to start,’ and will feature cross-platform play.

For more information about Pokemon Unite as it is released, stay tuned to Mendax Games! 

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