CD Red Projekt just streamed their first of episode of Night City Wire; a series of deep dive into the upcoming Cyberpunk 2077 with the producers and the game designers. The first Livestream also gives us new gameplay footage with introductions to the game’s never before shown mechanic. Basically, they just made us gamers reach for a calendar and start crossing days until the game’s release on November 19, 2020. Here are six things we can’t wait to do in Cyberpunk 2077 (and one we can’t wait to do outside the game).

Being Fashionable in Night City

The new gameplay footage shows more of what the fashion trends of Night City look like. NPCs are seen wearing leather pants, studded vests, and what feels like a catwalk full of crop tops. We can see from the previous gameplay footage that we can choose our outfits from a closet in our apartment. But being fashion-conscious in Cyberpunk 2077 are no mere aesthetic matters. Clothing in Cyberpunk 2077 gives your typical RPG-esque stats buffs, and more than that, street creds with the many factions of Night City. Should you wear that out of style balloon jacket with +30 EMP resistance, or should you brandish a cool greasers-like leather vest but more prone to bullet damage? We can’t wait to stand for at least thirty minutes in front of the closet, planning V’s OOTD.

Replace Our Eyes with a High Powered Scope

Being human have limitations. Yes, we feel that too. But in Cyberpunk 2077, we get to live our fantasy of being a superhuman with the help of Ripperdocs and their body part modification, or mods. Ripperdocs are basically surgeon, but instead of removing your appendix, they’ll add a blade into your forearm, or change your eye into microscopic binoculars. If you ever have a fantasy of having a carbon-fibre palm, or a USB drive for a pinky, then you’d be very excited to make an appointment with Ripperdocs. Brings a new meaning to Nietzsche’s Übermensch, right?

Punch Someone with Nothing but Our Bare Fists

We fully expect a gun-blazing fight scenes with a heavily modded shotgun or a bullet targeting rifle, but the new gameplay footage shows that hand to hand combat is also an option to take your enemy out. Granted, the hand to hand combat looks kind of janky, but perhaps that is due to the low level of the character themselves. The lead quest designer Pawel Sasko mentioned that as you progress with the game, you’ll gain experience with the type of weapon you choose, and you’ll be more deadly with that weapon as you progress with the story. That certainly will add to the kind of character you want to be, true to the spirit of RPG. So let’s hold hands and pray that if we keep using our bare fists in the game, we can karate chops Night City’s baddies, Wei Shen style.

Looking at Other People’s Perspective, but Literally

The new system that becomes the cream on top of the Night City Wire Livestream is the Braindance. In the lore of the Cyberpunk universe, Braindance is a method of reliving someone else’s memory recorded in their cybernetic implants. We can experience what they saw, what they felt, even what pain they experienced, both physical and psychological. It certainly feels like the love child of Fallout 4’s Memory Den and Arkham Series’ detective mode. What makes it interesting is the Editing Mode.  Retaining the spirit of video games’ detective vision, you can jump out of the memory owner’s body and search the surrounding of said person, even details that the person failed to notice, like background noises, even a security camera’s feed. The developers assured us that this will be a never before seen reinterpretation of detective mode, so surely this mechanic will bring us new perspectives, literally.

Explore the Badlands

The previous gameplay footage almost exclusively only showed us a neon-soaked environment that is the Night City. In the new footage, we finally have a glimpse of what it looks like outside the concrete jungle itself, and it’s not that bad for a future dystopia. We half-imagined that Cyberpunk 2077 will have a Fallout type of dead wasteland, but the rural area seems lived in, with petrol station and motel on the road-side. After seeing gameplay of driving in the jam-packed Night City, the badlands seems like the perfect place to go wild and drive off-road on the desert.

Replay the Game

We haven’t even got our hands on the game, but we can’t wait to do a second playthrough in Cyberpunk 2077. That is because the Livestream shows us that there will be three different prologues depending on what you choose as your character’s ‘life path’. You can either be a Street Kid, the kind with street smarts who lived their lives in the Night City, a Corpo, higher up elites with fancy suits and pompous attitude, or be a total stranger reaching for fortune in the Night City as Nomad. These life paths will put you in different starting locations, with different motivations for each life paths leading to the main story. Certainly, this will be at least three times more fun than waking up on the same imperial carriage in Skyrim for the tenth time.

Watch the Anime spin-off

The bonus reveal CD Red Projekt gave us in the Livestream is the announcement of Cyberpunk: Edgerunners. Cyberpunk: Edgerunners will be an anime spin-off based on the same universe of the game itself. Not messing around, CD Red Projekt partners up with Studio Trigger, a Tokyo based anime studio famous for their 2013 anime series Kill la Kill. Cyberpunk: Edgerunners itself will be aired sometime in 2022, after planned DLCs and multiplayer mode for the base game. We certainly will put another circle in our calendar for Cyberpunk: Edgerunners.

We still have at least four months of waiting until we can finally step our shoes in the Night City, and surely CD Red Projekt has more up their sleeves to rile us up even more. Are you excited to play Cyberpunk 2077? Stay tuned to Mendax Games for more info and details about the Night City!

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