Today, Microsoft released a statement announcing that their retail locations will be permanently shuttered. Countries and businesses have begun to slowly reopen due to Covid-19, but it seems Microsoft’s brick-and-mortar locations will not be joining them.

The global pandemic has forced many stores to shift business practices. As a result, it seems Microsoft has decided that physical retail is no longer in the company’s best interest. They have framed the decision as a “strategic change.” Their statement quotes Microsoft Corporate VP, David Porter, as saying, “We are grateful to our Microsoft Store customers and we look forward to continuing to serve them online and with our retail sales team at Microsoft corporate locations.”

The good news is that Microsoft retail workers will get to keep their jobs. As they have been doing during the pandemic, “the company’s retail team members will continue . . . remotely providing sales, training, and support.” These employees will be able to work remotely or from corporate offices.

As part of this online initiative, Microsoft has begun offering new services. Things like live, one-on-one video chat assistance as well as new video tutorials will all continue even after the pandemic.

Interestingly, Microsoft will go ahead and open its “experience centers” in major hubs around the world. These are located in cities such as New York, Sydney, and London. They will presumably follow the model of their first experience center that opened in Singapore last year.

These sites offer demonstrations of new technologies and business practices. They allow Microsoft to show off new designs and cybersecurity analytics.

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