Playing Shadow Fighter 3 has always been a fun trial for me and since its latest character update, I am more than happy to divulge into it all over again. Choosing a character for RPG games had always seemed an interesting exercise to do, as it helps in developing a sense of relatedness to the game. So, when NEKKI announced the new character update for Shadow Fight 3, I was more than happy to try.

Before we talk more about the new update, let’s recall the gameplay of this exciting game a little, especially for those who haven’t yet played it.

Undoubtedly, Shadow Fight 3 is a high-ended RPG mobile game that has quite an interesting gameplay features to offer. The one-on-one battles, equipped with top-notch boosters create a journey filled with not only action but with some thrill too.

Along with many available chapters, the game is instilled with the number of events that are unlocked at level 4. Additionally, gamers are required to complete many exciting missions in the game to, eventually, reach PvP mode of the game.

Not to forget, the customization of the characters is one of the most intriguing aspects of this adventurous marvel. However, don’t be impatient like me if the game lags at the start; it may happen because of the heavy game file.

Shadow Fight 3: All About the Update

Choosing your avatar for RPG games is one of the most loved features. It helps to speak your personality through it. So, for this reason, it is important that the gamers are offered with an extensive number of options to choose from.

Keeping this in mind, the developers of the game has come up with more ideas to invest in the character’s avatar. There are now 3 skins available for Divine Judge, Warmonger, and Star Chaser which will only make your character look more unique and extremely attractive. So, speak through your avatar and go into the fistfight with the enemy displaying more uniqueness.

Moreover, there are additionally 15 dyes now offered in Shadow FIght 3 so that you can make an even bolder statement when fighting a battle. this is the time to show not only your fitting talent but also how rare your personality is. It is going to fun!

That’s not all that the new update offers; with added boosters and marathons, your gaming experience will also get enhanced. after all, boosters are the one thing that gives you a chance at winning battles.

Well, what’s the wait now? Go to Google Play Store or Apple Store and click download to play Shadow Fight 3 on your mobiles. Hurry up!

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