When it comes to FPS games, Call of Duty has always managed to stand on top of the ladder. Especially, after its release in the mobile gaming world, the fanatics are just in the state of awe.  It’s not even a year since its arrival on mobile and so far it has crossed the success that only PUBG once inhibited.  Needless to say, it is successfully breaking the records in terms of popularity due to its magnificently created gameplay.

Activision Publishing, Inc. has been able to create a gameplay that now seems everyone was craving for. The impeccable gameplay inhibits great gaming mechanism, smooth and easy controls, and the graphics that are to die for, even the sound  of the game is superb.

So, because of all the popularity that Call of Duty has so far accomplished, it’s time for the detailed examination of the game for you.

Call of Duty – A Walkthrough of the Gameplay

The gameplay of Call of Duty is created with utmost care and detail. There is so much to divulge in this game that the time passes by like a sound of light. No pun intended. Many at times, I had to shake myself on purpose to get back to the world.

There are many things involved while creating top-notch gameplay for this FPS wonder. Not only we get to play in real-time but we are also bestowed with immense options to explore in the game; like a variety of events, multiple gears, and featured maps to explore.

Moving on to the gameplay, the Modus Operandi of the game is like any other FPS game. There is a gun, there is fire and there are targets to hit. However, what makes everything so attractive is that the game holds realtime gameplay where you will play with other players as a team.

Now, with your teammates, there is only one job to do – kill the enemy! Just aim, set the target, and take a shot. it’s that simple.

Nevertheless, I just love such games where there are multiple things to discover and the homepage is jammed with different tabs to tap and discover. It seems like opening a treasure box for me. Needless to say, Call of Duty provided me just that and instantly, I fell in love.

Discovering Team members

As I mentioned before that the Call of Duty is a multiplayer game, so all you need to do is tap on the multiplayer mode and ride straight into the game. There are five team members that you will be going on this exciting shooting spree. Don’t forget that you must survive the game to earn the victory. This part of the game is quite like any other survival game, less the whole process of finding and collecting weapons and gears during the playtime.

One more great feature of many is, the option to talk and hear other players in real-time. All you need to do it tap on the mini microphone and mic to be able to listen to your teammates and either guide them or take instructions while killing the opponent team.

The Great Arsenal of Weapons & Vehicles

To be honest, it took me a while to understand the whole mechanisms and options of the game. Although, I am still discovering new things, but I was amazed to see the variety of guns and vehicles that are provided in the game.

The numerous vehicles that we can be unlocked just seem too good to be true. However, what excited me the most was the ability to hone the chopper and attack the enemy through it. Simply perfect!

When it comes to guns, the options keep on increasing and as you move ahead in the game, start to level up, and earn CP, you’d be able to unlock and harness more and more weapons to use to survive. Also, upgrade and add many more weapons to your cart and use them to bring the enemy down.

Explore the Events & Get Battle Pass

Another plus point about Call of Duty is the variety of events that are available to be explored. There are many featured, Daily and Seasonal events that you must see. Complete the missions that these events carry and get various gadgets, gears, and other rewards.

Also, there are many battles passes that you can get or even buy to enjoy many other benefits. There are limitless rewards for the players of this game. So, keep playing to fill up your cart and explore amazing weapons, gears, and vehicles.

Remember your Missions

While I was engrossed playing the game, I realized that there are no complicated missions and tasks to complete. Rather the whole gameplay of the game is quite clear and easy to understand. Just keep in mind the theory of ‘ Survival of the fittest’ and aim at staying alive, all whilst killing the opponent team.

However, there still are small missions and tasks that you must complete in the game to get many interesting and benefitting bounties.

Unlock Various Map & Modes

One might think that the exciting gameplay of Call of Duty has ended here, but here’s a twist – there is more. There are multiple modes and maps that you can play with which only made me feel excited and thrilled. The game offers the options of core and featured modes and maps. All you have to do is level up until featured options get opened for you.

Till then explore the core options for both, maps and modes, and get to the top level of the ladder.

Unlock the clan and chat

What seemed like a much-needed option was having your clan and of course the need for you to chat with them. The clan tab will be unlocked for you once you reach level 5. There you can form or join with other people to play the game together and spread your terror.

Also, see and compare your scores in the leaderboard and aim to reach the top of the board. This will surely make the whole experience more adventurous. At least, that is what I am doing.

Not to mention, the store given in the game is very convenient and crammed with much useful stuff that one might need. It is quite tempting that you’d, surely, feel like spending some real money to buy things. However, with each game won, you will gain CP that you must have to spend in the store to buy the gears and weapons of your need.

Learn about the Controls

In my view, controls of any game are the most important feature. Good thing is that Call of Duty offer controls that are just a treat to experience. They are super easy to master and are smooth to use, making the whole gameplay come to life without any distortion.

Also, the sound and graphics of the game are just marvelous. The quality inhibited is a treat to ear and eyes and that too without any lagging or stuttering of the sound or visuals. It seems too good to be true, I know, but that’s how it is.

Let’s not waste any more time and go to the Google Play Store or Apple Store to download this superbly created FPS real-time action game on your mobile phones. Also, keep visiting Mendax Games for more adventure.

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