Yesterday, Sony announced the PlayStation Indie Initiative along with nine new games. The move is an attempt to spotlight smaller titles coming to PS4 and PS5. Here are the new reveals:

F.I.S.T: Forged in Shadow Torch

Forged in Shadow Torch
Source: TiGames

The first of the games from the PlayStation Indie Initiative is from TiGames. F.I.S.T: Forged in Shadow Torch is a side scrolling action platformer. The game is “a dieselpunk-style action adventure featuring an anthropomorphic bunny wielding a huge, weaponized metal fist.”

The story centers around the animals as they defend their world from mechanized invaders.

Along with a gameplay trailer, the developers announced the game would be coming to PS4 “soon.”


Source: Graceful Decay

Up next, Maquette is a first-person puzzle game developed by Graceful Decay with an aesthetic reminiscent of The Witness. In the game, players must solve recursive puzzles to progress. The game allows the player to manipulate scale models of the world which will be reflected in the larger version.

It seems like a fascinating and challenging puzzle game.

Where the Heart Is

Where the heart is
Source: Armature Studios

The next game, by Armature Studios, brings the player between the worlds of reality and imagination. In this through-the-looking-glass inspired adventure, the player gets lost in a cave as the protagonist’s memories help to craft the landscape around him.

Player choice will effect the story and characters. The developer says, “Characters in the game are represented by forms that symbolize past and future. They show emotion, move through the level, engage in dialogue, and react. They are your tangible connection to the unfolding story.”

Where the Heart Is is coming to PS4 this winter.


Creaks Reveal
Source: Amanita Design

From Amanita Design, Creaks is a beautiful puzzle platformer about the things that go bump in the night.

According to the post, “[In] Creaks, you will bump into some strange barking creatures in the mansionā€™s dark corridors. But are they as dangerous as they seem? Try to get them trapped under a beam of light and take a closer look. You may find out that what felt dangerous is a simple night table. Turning these creatures into ordinary objects is the key gameplay mechanic, along with pulling levers, stepping on pressure plates, and manipulating the environment to outsmart your enemies.”

The game will be out this summer on the PS4.

Heavenly Bodies

Heavenly Bodies
Source: 2pt Interactive

For those who find actual rocket science a bit too easy, Heavenly Bodies from 2pt Interactive is for you. Players take control of an astronaut and are tasked with repairing a ship.

Similar to games like Octodad, players control the character’s arms with the left and right triggers as they manipulate objects in this physics sim. There are puzzles to solve and things to repair.

Coming to PS4 and PS5, Heavenly Bodies will take advantage of the PlayStation 5’s adaptive triggers to simulate tactile feedback.


Recompile reveal
Source: Phigames

From Phigames, Recompile is a game “combining traditional exploration-based platforming mechanics with a dynamic narrative, Recompile challenges you to explore, fight, hack and survive.”

The player takes control of a digital virus. They are trying to achieve singularity and their play style will determine the type of AI they create.

RecompileĀ is a beautiful game in a digital open world. It’s coming to PS5.


Carto Console Reveal PlayStation Indie Games
Source: Humble Games | Sunhead Games

As part of the initiative, Humble and Sunhead Games announced that Carto would be coming to consoles. It’s a colorful, illustrated puzzle game. Players take control of a cartographer as they rearrange pieces of the map to unlock and discover new areas.

Along with the charming style, Carto has a lovely soundtrack. You can listen to a sample in the blog update.

According to the developers, “Thoughtful moments centered around family and the things that are important in life will keep you grounded and waiting to see what happens next.”

Carto is coming this fall.


Haven reveal PlayStation Indie Games
Source: The Game Bakers

According to Game Bakers, after they made Furi, they wanted something relaxing. So they made Haven. The game’s creative director stated, “That feeling was at the core of what I wanted to make with Haven: a game that feels like a gentle breeze. A game that lets you relax.”

The creative director cites Flower as inspiration, and its influence here is clear.

Players control a couple as they glide over grass and explore a planet. It’s a beautiful, simplified take on an RPG. The main goal is to follow along with the couple’s story. All of the game mechanics are designed to maintain a relaxing atmosphere. And it has co-op so you can zone out with a friend.

Worms Rumble

Worms Rumble PlayStation Indie Games
Source: Team17

Everyone’s favorite turn-based action game featuring anthropomorphic, violent worms is back! Except now they’re in real time. And they’re very fast. Still violent though!

According to the game’s producer, Worms Rumble “decided to rip up the rule book to bring you something new by moving away from the traditional turn based action.” Players will take control of the worms as they battle in real time.

It seems that Worms Rumble will be dipping its tail into the battle royale world too. A game mode titled “Last Worm Standing” will see 32 players duke it out as areas on the 2D map become restricted. Plus, it’s crossplay!

Worms Rumble is coming out later this year for PS4 and PS5.

And that’s all the games from the PlayStation Indie Initiative! What are you most excited about? And be sure to check back here at Mendax Games for more news.







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