What is Hyper Scape?

Hyper Scape futuristic urban battle royale game developed by Ubisoft. The Battle Royale genre has a specific combination to it. It’s fast paced, heavily dependent on mobility and quick thinking. The map is huge, usually with a large number of players, in this case 100 players. And your objective is to try to stay alive for as long as possible to be crowned champion.  Hyper Scape creative director Graeme Jennings said,” I think we wanted to do something that was accessible”. Hyper Scape is not as violent as other Ubisoft games such as Rainbow Six Siege or Far Cry, but it isn’t too light hearted that it feels like a children’s game. Not only will the game be free to play, it will also have audience participation on Twitch livestreams.


The gameplay is comparable to arena shooters and the style of Apex Legends with a sci-fi addition. The cyberpunk shooter takes place in the future of 2054, where contenders fight in the virtual city of Neo-Arcadia. There are sky high towers and open interiors, so you can attack and be attacked from any angle. Over time, sections of the map will disappear and you will take damage if you do not reach a safe area in time.

Hyper-Scape-1400x787The main game modes you can play are Squad and Solo. In Squad mode, you will be in groups of 3 with the objective to be the last team standing. However, if you wish to play alone, there is Solo mode, with the similar objective to eliminate the other contenders or capture the Crown in the final sector to be champion. Adaptive is the first word that comes to mind with gameplay. From assault rifles to energy blasters, there is a weapon for everyone and every play style. You start the game picking an area you want your pod to be deployed to, from there you must quickly scavenge the land to find a weapon, as you will only be starting with a melee weapon. You can find gear inside buildings,through breakable barriers, as well as supply crates throughout the map. There are also abilities called Hacks that offer you additional skills to help with offense, defense and movement. You will be able to hold 2 weapons and 2 hacks at a time, with the option to switch them out, if needed. If you get a copy of a weapon or hack, you can upgrade that item (up to 7 times) to make it more powerful in the fight. 

Teamwork makes the dream work.

Teamwork is a vital part of the game. You can ping your location to group up or warn them about enemies nearby. As well as becoming an echo when you die to help your teammate find enemies to shoot and your squad restoring you so you can get back into the fight. 

As I mentioned earlier, there is a way for Twitch viewers to participate in the game. Viewers can vote for different battle events such as the low gravity or infinite ammo, which could be a game changer, so don’t be afraid to be a people pleaser.

Who’s is this game for? What platforms?

If you are a lover of cyberpunk, like me, or a battle royale player, this might be a perfect game to play with friends on a stream. Hyper Scape is free to play and will be available on Xbox One, Playstation 4 and PC. If you are on PC and want to get your hands on it early, you can play it now as a part of Technical Testing before it gets released July 12, 2020.

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