The writers of the mobile, choose-your-own-adventure series Lovestruck have formed a union. The union is called Voltage Organized Workers (VOW). They announced earlier this week that the parent company, Voltage USA, had refused to recognize VOW. As a result, the writers will be striking.

In their statement, the writers said they “have come together . . . unanimously” to improve working conditions. The writers on Lovestruck are all “members of marginalized genders and/or sexualities.” Notably, people from these communities tend to have a more difficult time breaking into the industry. But they point out that they are being paid less than half of what is standard in games writing.

Recently, the games media has seen more coverage of labor issues plaguing the industry. A lack of unions, largely contract-based work, and crunch have all become more prominent issues. Deep investigations into some of the big name studios have revealed serious workplace problems. This article from Kotaku, for instance, brought to light some of the crunch issues at Rockstar.

However, unions remain a rarity in the industry something that organizations like Game Workers Unite are trying to change.

The writers stress that the union does not want a boycott of Lovestruck. However, they do encourage messages to the company asking them to recognize VOW. You can read the entire post here. Additionally, you can check out their Twitter thread here.

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