The new DLC for Immortals Fenyx Rising: Myths of the Eastern Realm gives you the chance to explore and discover a new world based on Chinese mythology, Ubisoft has put a lot of effort into creating a new and interesting world filled with creatures based on Chinese Myth.

The character you play as, Mu wakes up surrounded by people turned to stone and the world having been flipped upside down by the Scar, a large portion of the heavens have fallen and lay in disarray, being guided by the voice of the goddess Nuwa you must fight to restore heaven and the world to its previous state while fighting off all manner of creatures from lore.
Myths of the Eastern Realms has a great storyline and has kept the same sarcastic humor as the main game, similar to it you must explore and help to free different characters to restore the world, from a pair of dragons called Hong and Ji who have lost their powers and have become spirits, to the warrior god Gong Gong who needs help to restore the flame in his staff.

The world in Myths of the Eastern Realm is just beautiful, with tall bamboo and pink blossom trees, and the lovely Chinese architecture that you encounter look glorious like it was designed for the gods themselves, even the destroyed areas that lie in ruin are well designed to show the chaos that has ensued and the rubble of the world that remains.

I really love the art style of it, being cartoon-like shows that it is meant to be a fun world to explore, and the characters you encounter all have unique features and personalities, the goddess Nuwa acts like a mother and will often contact Mu just to make sure he is safe and tries to protect him at every turn, it stands to reason really as in Chinese mythology she originally created all of humankind.

Nothing much has really been changed with the gameplay different from the main game, you still have an axe, sword, and bow and can use the same god powers as when you played as Fenyx but everything is named differently. A lot of the puzzles have changed though including new elements to them with blocks that change size when hit and windmill puzzles as well, there is a lot of changes that keep it interesting for someone who has played through the main campaign.

I am a little bit dismayed that as far as I can see there are no real new monsters, or should I say there are new monsters but they have simply reskinned enemies that were used in the main game so after playing hours as Fenyx I already knew when to dodge and how to defeat all the enemies in this. it’s a shame that Ubisoft didn’t work on making new opponents as that would have made it a little less repetitive.

The game runs very smoothly on a PS4 Pro and I’ve only experienced 1 crash since playing it for 5 hours, the loading times are pretty good when fast traveling from one area to another and I haven’t seen any graphical glitches while playing.

The biggest issue I have personally faced is how long it takes to load into the game from the main menu, it’s usually a good few minutes from pressing continue to the game starting, but it’s quite understandable as the game needs to load in the entire world before you can play, apart from that you hardly ever have to load any of the areas you go to so everything is pretty streamlined.

Myths of the Eastern Realm is a pretty awesome DLC, if you loved the gameplay and learning about greek mythology and are looking for more then this is for you, I have really enjoyed learning more about Chinese mythology and am looking forward to seeing what else Ubisoft will cover with this game. I give it a 3.5 a very fun adventure and story but the gameplay was left a little by the wayside.

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