The Ratchet and Clank 2016 remake is one of the free games on the PlayStation plus store so I decided to take a look and boy was I surprised.

I have never played any of the Ratchet and Clank games before and they always looked a little bit childish, so I was a little adamant when I first started it up but the cartoony style and kid-friendly cover is a disguise to hide the fact it is a very fun platformer/shooter, you start off as Ratchet a mechanic who dreams of being a member of the Galactic Rangers, a group of heroes who protect the galaxy from evil, after the Ranger tryouts Ratchet stumbles upon a diminutive robot called Clank who is a defect from a factory designed to make warbots, they must work together to warn the Galactic Rangers of an incoming invasion.

It’s a well-balanced game with a huge arsenal of weapons to use to fight, including the Sheepinator (turns enemies into sheep), the Pixelator (a gun that breaks enemies down into pixilated versions),  Mr. Zurkon ( a robotic ally that attacks bad guys and speaks in the third person), and many more crazily named guns to use.

Maneuvering the game world is easy and fun to do using Gadgets like the Swingshot to launch yourself across perilous crevices, and Grindboots to, well, grind across suspended bars to new areas, most of the time the difficulty level was fun and challenging but at certain points in the game, the difficulty would just randomly spike and I would be faced with an overwhelming number of bad guys to fight, fortunately, the auto-reload system is pretty forgiving and I only lost a few minutes game time from each death, but certain parts did take quite a few tries to get through.

Story and Characters
I love the design and story of Ratchet and Clank, it’s similar to a Saturday morning cartoon with all the silly jokes and crazy space-themed names for everything, for example, the main bad guy that I have seen is a businessman with an 80’s hair cut and suit called Chairman Drek, at one point in the game you are tasked with firing the Ion Defense Canon, and most characters have extra X’s and Z’s in their names, the whole game has the feel of a cartoon from the 90’s.

It’s a very relaxed story in that you are a member of the good guys fighting the bad guys to save the day, but there are a few serious moments in it to keep it grounded and keep the more mature gamer entertained, I won’t spoil anything here but there is deceit and betrayal but you’ll most likely see it coming as it’s quite obvious.


It’s an enjoyable 90’s themed platformer that is good fun for hours even with the slightly difficult controls and unexpected difficulty spikes it was still a right laugh getting to save the universe from the clutches of evil. I think it deserves a solid 3.5/5

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