Everything’s better down where it’s wetter, Subnautica is a wonderful exploration and survival experience with beautiful underwater vistas and jumpscares in equal portions, in one moment you are falling from the skies hoping you survive the crash and the next you will be ooh-ing and ahh-ing at all the gorgeous luminescent aquatic creatures and underwater flora.

Stranded on an alien world after your spaceship is blown out of the sky you will need to use your wit and ingenuity to survive this hostile watery environment, Planet 4546B is an ocean world with next to no landmass so you will need to use the equipment you find and what you can build to explore deeper and deeper to discover the secrets that this planet has to give,

You aren’t the only person to have survived the ship crash though, so while you need to keep yourself alive you’ll also need to listen out for radio broadcasts from other survivors and try to locate them, since the damage to the ship is extensive you’ll sometimes only be given a picture to locate the downed life pods, will you get there in time to save your crewmates or will they become fish food?

In this department Subnautica is solid, the game relies heavily on the player to explore and collect the resources they need to survive and thrive, from collecting fish for food and scrap for building supplies you will need to go into every cave and check every crevice to scan and collect all the materials you need to build a shelter and the tools to survive.

The added aspect of needing to keep a check of your O2 levels and keeping a lookout for any dangerous sea creatures that may be looking for a snack keeps you on your toes (or should I say fins) at all times, as you get more confident and equip yourself with better diving gear the game will keep throwing new challenges and new species of aquatic dangers at you. from the shark-like stalkers who hide among the sea kelp to dangerous crashfish who will charge and explode on you when you go into small caves, the game will always surprise you with a new threat wherever you are.

Even after playing this through 3 times now, I have only experienced a few issues with this game, mostly minor glitches where the character gets stuck on something and you must restart to get free, and there was one occasion when while 1000m under the surface the water just glitched and disappeared which left me walking along the very bottom of a huge cave.

The only issue I have seen that seems to have been left in the game is a walking glitch at the very end of the game, where the prawn suits legs become stuck on a certain floor and is really difficult to get free, it surprises me this issue hasn’t been fixed even after all this time, but I guess they became busy working on the next game.
Except for these issues I discovered the game runs well even on older computers, there isn’t any lag or choppiness moving through the world, and in-game loading times are pretty much non-existent.

Even though it’s a small crew that developed this it plays and feels like a AAA game, with the huge living world to explore and the constant challenges that you face trying to survive and escape this water world, Subnautica really does a good job of setting the tone of the game and continually ramping up the unease of undersea exploration while keeping the wonder alive.

Subnautica is a wonderful underwater adventure and except for the rare glitch it’s highly recommended everyone getting their feet wet with this one! this is an easy 3.8/5

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