Two games based around a worldwide apocalyptic event, that both have grizzled protagonists with backstories of the loss of loved ones and feature zombie-like enemies, so why is it that one was so much more successful than the other?

Recently Sony made a pretty divisive decision, the sequel to the 2019 game Days Gone has been scrapped, and instead, they will be making a remake of the 2013 game The Last of Us, which already had a remaster in 2014 and graphically still holds up to this day, so why is it that Sony made the decision to abandon a new game with a new story and instead want to remake a game that has already had its day?

Days Gone was first revealed in 2016 at the Sony E3 panel and fans loved it and looked forward to its release with the ability to render hundreds of Freakers at once and the constant adrenaline rush ‘run and gun’ style of gameplay it looked to be a huge hit, but when it first arrived on the PS4 it had a few issues, textures not loading in properly, and your bike clipping into rocks making you unable to get on it, this along with very mediocre reviews meant it didn’t do as well as was hoped, it was still the 8th highest selling Playstation game in 2019 so it was still very well received but it seemed to not be enough and became something that gamers started to avoid.

the last of us 1

On the other side of the fence, The Last of Us was released to glowing reviews being praised as a universal success, with reviewers praising the character development, story, visual and sound design and became the 10th highest selling game of 2013.
It was such a success that they remastered it on the PS4 with improved graphics, rendering upgrades, and new additions that made use of the Dualshock 4 controller’s new features. Once again it was a resounding success with mostly 8-10/10 reviews across the board.
Plus let’s not forget the sequel that came out this year and also the tv series that has been announced to come out sometime next year, so the timing of the Last of Us remake couldn’t be any better timed.

So financially remaking The Last of Us would be an obvious slam dunk, remaking a game that has a huge fan base and is guaranteed to sell off the shelves, but why is it a bad idea? that’s simple, storytelling, video games are a form of portraying a narrative, playing as a character and experiencing the world through their eyes, and then playing through a wonderful and in-depth story that stays with you for years, so telling a story that has already been told (twice actually) makes no sense.

Remaking The Last of Us would be a great oversight, when there is a rich world that could be expanded ready to go, Days Gone has many different story aspects that could be expanded into a sequel, the backstory of Boozer could be explored with his troubled past and alcohol abuse could be made into a unique perspective for the story to follow, the evolution of the freaks as seen at the end of the game could be explored creating new enemies to confront potentially adding a new intelligent opponent, plus let’s be honest in the lore of Days Gone the entire world has been overrun which leaves Deacon St John (the protagonist of the game) the potential to explore so much more of the Freaker-infested united states.

There are so many storylines that could be explored in which could make a wonderful new narrative to experience, but instead, we are going to be given something that most people have already experienced if not at least once but twice, so I ask you, if video games are no longer about creating good stories and worlds to explore, and are instead just a money-making system, then maybe we need to look at what is more important, making memories or making money?

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