Based in the 31st century the world of Horizon: Zero Dawn is a lush and green paradise, if it weren’t for the giant robot dinosaurs it would be a perfect place to live! The story is based around Aloy a member of the Nora tribe, living her life as an outcast from birth she is raised and trained to survive the wilds by her adopted father Rost, but when she is old enough Aloy takes part in the Proving, a trial to discover the strongest members of the tribe and to become a brave, a protector of the tribe but also so that Aloy will have a chance to discover her origin.

Exploring and re-discovering the remains of the world before, demolished buildings, and the rubble of the civilization that nature has reclaimed all add to a wonderfully diverse and enjoyable world.
Horizon: Zero Dawn follows Aloy on an adventure in a world that has forgotten all the technological advancements of the past and have returned to a primal and primitive life, she will discover whole new civilizations as her journey takes her far away from her home along with dangers she could never have dreamed of.

The game is simply gorgeous, just simply riding a machine through some of the destroyed and overgrown buildings that scatter the world of Horizon: Zero Dawn is a pleasure, there are many different environments that Aloy will need to traverse through deep and thick jungles and over dusty and sand-covered mesas, each area that you will travel across has its own beautiful design.

The design of the Machines offset the feeling of ease with their dangerous and imposing designs, each machine has a blue light that emanates from them, and when coming face to face with them causes a lens flare which only ramps up the feeling of danger, making you feel like they can see through the screen.
Each machine has its own personality from the skittish and easily startled Lancehorn which will run at the first sign of trouble to the imposing and aggressive Ravager, which as its name implies has a more violent and dangerous disposition.

Since most of this game focuses more on fighting building-sized robots, you will need to plan and prepare for every skirmish you have, collecting healing herbs and materials to create ammo and traps that make the game easier to play. Most of the time the best way to play is to be stealthy, creeping through the grass and using surprise attacks to take down smaller enemies in the early game, but as your opponents get bigger you need to set traps to lure them into creating a deadly arena using trip wires, explosive traps, and electric traps, knocking them down and shocking them into submission.

It’s brilliant really the way that the developers set the game up to be played this way, using very primitive tools like bows, ropecasters, and slings to defeat enemies who are so much more advanced technologically, it gives the player a real sense of success when you bring down a thunderjaw (a giant mechanical T-rex) after a 20-minute skirmish using every tool in Aloy’s arsenal to evade and avoid being crushed, finally bringing the behemoth crashing down into a burning wreck always gives the player a sense of real success.

The game runs seamlessly with hardly a jitter or stutter while running on the PS4, along with what i think is a really cool processing ability, in that the game will only load what you can see so everything behind you is removed to free up space, making the game run smoother and free up space for more processes.

Horizon: Zero Dawn is a brilliant adventure through a beautiful world of the future, whether you are riding across the grassy plains on a machine or delving into the large futuristic factories that are creating killer robots, you always have something new to experience. the story is wonderfully deep with emotional moments with the twists and surprises you will encounter, playing as the character Aloy is never boring with her snappy wit and adventurous spirit the game always feels exciting.

Even though it was released in 2017 it has had a graphics upgrade when running it on a PS4 Pro making it even better looking! Horizon doesn’t look like it has aged at all and its open world and beautiful vistas still take the breath away to this day.

Horizon Zero Dawn is available on PS4 and PS4 Pro and has recently been ported over to the PC so if you want to make the game even more breathtaking check it out on Steam

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