If like me you loved playing with lego as a kid, assembling towers of blocks, and creating anything you could imagine (within the limits of how many blocks you owned), then maybe you still long for the satisfaction that building creations out of blocks could bring you, fortunately, there are so many games out there that use this same idea to build worlds, here is a list of some of the best block-building games that I have played.

Dragon Quest Builders

Dragon Quest is a JRPG from the developers Square Enix, starting as a turn-based combat game in 1986 they have since released 11 main titles and numerous spin-off games, one of which is called Dragon Quest Builders.

Starting as a nameless amnesiac builder you awake in your own tomb, after being told you are the only person in the world who still has the power to build by a mysterious voice you set off on your journey to help people build homes and defenses and to repair the destroyed town you find yourself in.

Along with the cheerful music and bright colours it’s a very fun game to play, most of the time the villagers will give you requests for what they want to be built, or what sort of room they’d like and it’s up to you to fulfill their request. Starting with just creating a basic bedroom with a roll mat and a torch for light, requests become bigger and grander, to elaborate kitchens and even a fancy spa with a hot tub.

Defense is a big part of this game too as every few days there will be an attack on your little village and it will be up to you to design and build defenses to keep your villagers safe and their homes undestroyed. equipping your character with the best armor and weapons helps in this respect but watchtowers, automatic defenses, and strong walls are all necessary to keep everyone safe.

The Sequel, Dragon Quest Builders 2 BUILDS on this even more, with even more in-depth constructions, the ability to create farms to feed your people, and even when you place down a blueprint the villagers will help you to build it allowing for some huge designs and incredible creations. Builders 2 added in an online feature as well allowing you to share designs with other players and show off the designs that you have created.

7 Days to Die

Being a Zombie Survival game as well as a construction game is an odd combination but 7 Days to Die pulls it off perfectly, usually, you start the game with nothing but a handful of very basic survival tools but once you have collected enough weapons to survive easier there are tools to unlock that allow you to build unique constructions. 7DTD has a unique block mechanic in which if you create a wooden block and it can be shaped into other designs to fit into your construction, simply right-clicking with it in your hand opens up a menu with a whole list of shapes allowing for a lot of unique ideas and creations.

Even if you don’t have time to build since there are too many zombies on your heels there are a huge variety of abandoned buildings, all designed by the developers using the same blocks that are available to you, so moving into a house you like and renovating it to the design and colour scheme that you want is very possible.

There is also the option to start a new game with no hostile enemies which will allow you to really go mad with your creative ideas, build your childhood home or make the taj mahal, it’s all an option with the tools the game gives you. Using the variety of different shapes to create the perfect build that you envision, and then painting them the colours you want with the paintbrush tool allows for a lot of unique designs, once it is built fill your new creation with all manner of upholstery and lights because even though it’s the end of the world it doesn’t mean you have to slum it!

Portal Knights

Focusing more on the combat aspect this 3rd person adventure game is a joy to explore each of the floating islands that connect the world, based in a fantasy RPG world there are multiple classes to choose from and different character choices to make to create your perfect avatar to explore the islands.

As the title suggests portals are a large part of this game, being the only form of transport from one area to the next, the game shows early on that the idea is to collect portal shards to progress further, each area is filled with a variety of enemies to fight from slimes to sand-covered mummies, they will all need to be defeated.

Although not a major part of the game there is the opportunity to craft and build using blocks, as you move through the world collecting resources you can then convert all that into a variety of blocks to be used to craft a building, although it’s a very simple game it is easy to become drawn in by its charm.


Needing no real introduction as it is one of the highest sold games in history, Minecraft is the name that comes to mind whenever anyone thinks of the block building genre of games, this is a well developed and designed game giving you the option to play in survival mode in which you are given nothing at the start and will need to fight to survive throughout the game, or creative, which as you might expect gives you unlimited access to any of the craftable blocks in the game and allows you to build anything your heart desires, (if your heart desires cube-shaped buildings)

Many players have created huge creations using Minecraft, from massive temples and real-life structures in 1:1 scale to things like the entire city of Minas Tirith from the Lord of the Rings books. Using the multiplayer availability it allows building unimaginable structures to be easier and groups of people have taken it in turns to create structures and even pixel art using Minecraft as their platform.

Although it is a very versatile and creative game there are still some areas where it could be improved and the modding community has stepped up in that regard, adding in new models and environments and extending the games life much more, a large variety and scale of Mods are available to download, from ridable dragon mounts and fantasy items to be used to a steampunk mod which allows you to build airships and changes the look of the in-game armor.

Minecraft is a very versatile game as it can be played in many different ways from the pure survival side, gathering armor and weapons is the goal, to creating massive builds that are only limited to your imagination, Minecraft is really the spiritual successor to Lego.

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