The wolf is back!

Geoff Keighley made the announcement on Twitter yesterday that he will be hosting a half-hour stream focusing on the long awaited sequel to one of TellTale’s most critically acclaimed titles. The feed is set to contain the game’s first trailer using in-engine footage and promises to offer a look behind the curtain of the game’s development. With so many companies coming under fire in recent years for environments that propagate ‘crunch’ and locker room cultures, the look behind the veil will be all the more meaningful given the difficulties TellTale has faced as a studio.

TellTale of course went bankrupt in 2018 due to the company licensing more proprietary material than it could sustain, only to be later revived by LCG Entertainment. This revival did not come without costs – much of the studio’s original talent was reported to have not returned. The company was also forced to relinquish many of its publishing licenses.

Fortunately, this hindrance did not ultimately bar the re-announcement of the Fables-based sequel at the 2019 Game Awards. The Fables universe offers a gritty take on classic fairy tale characters, with the Wolf Among Us seeing players occupy the role of the titular Big Bad Wolf. Adam Harrington and Erin Yvette are both set to reprise their roles Bigby (The Wolf) and Snow White, respectively.

Keighley’s surprise announcement confirms that players will be able to get their first in-depth look at the game as soon as this Wednesday, February 9th, at 10AM Pacific Time.

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