Spider-Man: No Way Home has officially overtaken Cameron’s Avatar, making No Way Home the third highest grossing film in United State’s history.

SPIDER-MAN: NO WAY HOME, US advance poster, Tom Holland as Spider-Man, 2021. © Sony Pictures Releasing / © Marvel Entertainment / Courtesy Everett Collection

This was no measly feat – Avatar raked in a whopping $760.5 million, while No Way Home stands now at $760.988 million. No Way Home was bolstered by a Valentine’s day push.

Avatar still sits at number one internationally, having grossed a cool $2.84 billion to Spidey’s $1.8 billion – and this was without the latter releasing in China. Still, No Way Home can be seen sitting at eighth on the international market.

Holland also stars in the new ‘Uncharted’ movie, a film that is also off to a strong start at the box office.

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