The past five years have flown by – not least of all due to extended quarantines, global pandemics, and tumultuous election seasons – but before all that, Nintendo released their Nintendo Switch. The hybrid console was a hit from the gate with its seamless transition between portable and docked technologies. This flexibility was not without its costs, mainly in the Switch’s hardware department.

Despite a marvelous collection of exclusive software, the Switch’s physical components have left many of its audience wanting and hoping for something beefier. These desires have manifested in a slew of rumors over the years, and this newest bit of hope has been spurred by an Nvidia leak. The graphics processing unit manufacturer was recently victim to a major cyberattack that ultimately resulted in the source code for their deep learning super sampling (DLSS, a ‘real-time deep learning image enhancement and upscaling technology’) software being leaked. In-between all the bits of code, eagle-eyed sleuths picked up the term ‘nvn2.’ The significance of this particular term lies in the fact that the Switch’s graphics API is referenced as ‘NVN.’

Nintendo has recently stated that the Switch is still only in the middle of its life cycle, and so it should be assumed that the platform ‘nvn2’ is referencing is mid-gen upgrade rather than an entirely separate console. The Switch as it stands is still going strong with a stellar line-up for 2022.

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