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Doom games
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Why 2016’s Doom is the Perfect Game for Right Now

Animal Crossing New Horizons and 2016’s Doom have something in common: they’re both perfect games for this moment in time. Also, both their soundtracks kick ass. Recently, I was going through my backlog of games and came across id Software’s Doom reboot. I had picked up the game on release, but never got into it. I knew it reviewed well, […]

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Bethesda Teased A TV Adaptation for Fallout

A new Fallout is coming—but it’s a different one. On their Twitter account, Bethesda has just released a teaser for a new addition to the Fallout series. No, it’s not Fallout 5 nor Fallout 77. it’s a TV show adaption for the series itself! The right for the TV adaptation is licensed by Amazon Studios, in partner with Kilter Films’ […]

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Get Trapped in Deathloop on PS5

Deathloop serves as the newest release by the talent at Arkane Studios. Arkane Studios has brought the public titles such as Dishonored and 2017’s Prey. Deathloop seems to live up to the studio’s pedigree for innovative gameplay and engaging stories; their newest game functions as a macabre, violent Groundhog Day. Deathloop sees the player assume the role of Colt, a […]